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Aspiration corrugated hoses are made of plasticized PVC, reinforced with impact-resistant, non-plasticized PVC spiral. There are two main types of corrugated aspiration hoses.

1.Vacuum ( suction ) hoses, reinforced vacuum ( suction ) hoses.

2. Pressure spiral hoses - to this type relate hoses like Air Hoses and Water and Air Hoses.

This hose can transport many things like: flour, groats, cement, and other mixtures. Can transport also liquids such as: water, vinegar, alcohol ( only with alcohol content up to 25% ) and vegetable oil.

Technical Characteristics

Working temperature - from -10 to 55 C.

Working pressure:

Vacuum hoses - from 4 to 10 Bars.

Water and Air hoses - from 4 to 8 Bars.




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Vacuum and Aspiration Hoses

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