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Water purification is an important part of the drip irrigation systems, in order to prevent clogging of the drip drip irrigation and the piping.

The types of filters that can be used in drip irrigation systems are:

1. Cyclones.

They can be used for cleaning of heavily contaminated water. They can not remove particles of organic origin. Their functioning is based on centrifugal forces, witch are formed in the tapered body of the filter. The installation of the filter is always after the pump.

The hydro cyclone can be one, or a combination of several.

2. Sand filters.

These filters clean the water by passing it, under pressure, trough a container filled with filtering material. This material usually is a composed of small fragments with sharp tips. In most cases this material is crushed quartz sand. The water passes trough a small gaps between the individual particles of sand.

3. Disc and mesh filters.

Disc filters.

Disc filters are used for fine cleaning of water, both solids and organic materials.

Do to the special design of the discs, the filtration is not performed on the outer wall of the package of discs, it passes trough the sinusoidal of the form. This type of filters allows for extremely long service intervals between the cleanings.

Mesh filters.

They serve mostly for catching solids, and are not as effective in the removal of organic materials such as algae, mud, etc.


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