Български производител на дебелостенен капков маркуч

Our company Europolimer LTD was founded in 2011, and started its business with import and trade with several types of hoses.

In 2014 Europolimer LTD started its own production of drip irrigation hoses with thick walls, on the territory of Bulgaria, in city of Dragoman. The hoses are produced with diameter of 16mm and 20mm, with or without built-in drippers, and variety of distances between the drippers.

Our company also offering help for the design, construction and implementation of irrigation systems.

Active market analysis, systematically carried out by professionals, allows us to work rhythmically and rapidly, always able to respond to every upcoming changes in the market. Our managers, will always consulted you , for the purpose, use and characteristics of the proposed materials and products.

We are offering:

Different types of hoses made from PVC.

Drip irrigation tape, watering hoses, garden hoses, reinforced hoses, soft greenhouse hoses, thermal and hot water hoses. Aspiration hoses, water pipes and air ducts, vacuum hoses, hoses for swimming pools and fitting.

Europolimer LTD continues to work for the expansion of its range.

Now we are offering water pumps, HDPE pipes, LayFlat hoses, Filters and cooperation in finding suitable equipment for industrial purposes.

Our company strives to offer to its clients quality Bulgarian products.

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