Български производител на дебелостенен капков маркуч

Europolimer LTD. started its activity in Bulgaria, in 2011, as a regional representative of a group of companies-manifacturers, of various types of hoses.

For the period from the start of its activities, until now Europolimer LTD has grown significantly, and increase the range and quality of the products, offered in the market.

By 2014 Europolimer LTD started its own production line for a producing of a drip irrigation hoses. This product is very popular, because of its wonderful qualities and porpoises.

So to be always at the service to our customers, we are trying to obtain our product range, so we can offer you something new, on the best quality. Because of this in our catalog, you can find, not only garden hoses, drip irrigation hoses, gas and air hoses etc., but water pumps, drip irrigation tape, HDPE pipes and fittings. We also offered help and the best solutions, for finding equipment for your industrial purposes.

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